4 companies : MGB, MBTP, ROUTIÈRE CHAMBARD and RMBTP Bosvet.

SERFIM Route consolidates 3 companies specialized in road works and town development and planning.

A road works specialist in the Loire department and Rhône region, MGB operates its own coating production unit, EOL (Enrobés Ouest Lyonnais[West Lyon Surfacing Materials]) and several recycling facilities through its subsidiary, CCC (Carrières Combe Chavanne [Quarries]).

Routière Chambard’s quarrying and road surfacing materials business reaches as far as the Isère and Drôme departments and offers value-added to site waste.

MBTP completes SERFIM Route’s expertise by its exploitation of alluvial deposits and solid rock quarries in the Ain and Savoie departments.

RMBTP Bosvet has two quarries in the Drôme department.